How to become more eco friendly person

eco-friendlySometimes people feel that pull to be take better care of the planet.  It is fairly easy in this day in age.  You notice something growing and feel that pull deep down to help it grow.  However being eco-friendly can be rather frightening when you first look at it.  Some people go to extremes to help the planet.  There are examples of it to be found, people that will only eat what grows close to their house, others that only make their own clothing. While that certainly is an option, it is definitely not a requirement.  You can take some easy steps to follow down the road to being more eco-friendly.

reusable-shopping-bagOne of the easiest things to do is to start using reusable bags when shopping.  Those little cheap plastic bags are everywhere, they normally end up in landfills where they will be for a few thousand years.  Or you can just get a few reusable bags.  Some stores will even give you a small discount if you use a reusable bag.

compost cycleAdditionally if you have some space you can compost some food waste.  Lots of food scraps end up in the trash every year.  If you have a yard you can make a small pile somewhere in the back corner.  This will eventually break down into compost which is great for growing plants.  Even if you only have a small balcony from your apartment you can find a small composting container to be able to compost there.

Many localities now have some form of recycling program.  For some they will come and take your recycling off just like your normal rubbish.  Others will require you to take your recyclable material to a community drop off location.  You may have to sort different types of materials or you may be able to drop all of you materials in a single container to be sorted by others.  Speaking of recyclable materials you can also show companies that using materials that have been recycled are what you prefer to purchase.

energy useLastly you can consider your energy use.  This can take a number of different shades.  It could be just turning off lights around the house.  Or setting your heating system to not be cranked up as high and putting on a sweater.  This could even take the form of not driving when you are able to walk, take a bus or even ride your bike somewhere.