Creatively recycling your old clothes

recycle-t-shirtsLet’s say you have some clothes that you love.  Clearly they are the ones that you will want to wear most.  But then they also wear out.  Sure you could just throw them out, but what if there were something else that you could do to keep them around.  I’ve got a few ideas that can help you recycle your old clothes in to fun new items.


First up are t-shirts.  I end up picking them up from travel and events and the like, but I don’t wear them much.  Or I wear them and they wear out.  But what if you cut off the front or back that has picture of where you visited and attached a number of them together with fabric strips.  Add another material on the back stuff it with some batting and you have a quilt of memories.


Of course if you have some other shirts you can do a bit of snipping and a bit of stitching to make pillow covers.  It might be easiest to add a zipper to take the pillows in and out.  You can be playful and see what areas of the shirt would look best on the pillow, maybe a row of buttons centered with pockets on either side.  Then again perhaps the cover would look better with the buttons off to a side, it’s up to you.

old jeansBut what about some old jeans?  If you break out the scissors you trim down your worn out jeans and them sew them into a cute purse.  Since you’ll have plenty of material from the legs you can make the strap to a custom length for yourself.  And if you are able to use the pockets you’ll have a quick place to slide your phone.  As an added touch you may want to add a touch of ribbon along the top, perhaps even from another worn out garment.

garmentsOf course you might have some garments that are just too worn out, either thin or full of holes that you just don’t think that you could use for anything.  Luckily I have a project for them as well.  You will want to cut them into strips.  Next you will take those strips and weave them into a rug.  You can make these as big or as small as you like, so you have the option of using up a lot of old garments or simply one or two.