We are always looking to help in the reduce, reuse,
recycle cycle.  We encourage others to do so as well.  To reward you (and your young ones)  for not throwing your old crayons into the trash, we will send you some of our ‘riters in exchange for every pound you donate
(a pound is approximately 100 crayons).

cat_doodleDon’t forget to recycle the crayons you get from eating out
and the leftovers from school as well as any you find around
the house.  We will also take back any of our crayons after
they have been well loved (though don’t expect this to
happen soon).  Feel free to collect old crayons from friends as well.  We can NOT take any other ‘shaped’
crayons as they are more plastic than wax.
We encourage classrooms to put a box in the corner and
collect all year long as well.
blue_doodleYou can mail your well loved crayons to
5555 SW Seymour Court, Portland, Oregon  97221.
Don’t forget to include your name and address INSIDE the package so we can send you your thank you.
Please don’t mail crayons if you are in the Portland
metro area – we would rather pick up from you.
Please e-mail us for more info.