5 Things you didn’t know you can do with commonly thrown away items

thrown away itemRecycling is a great system and is definitely something that you should support.  But there are other ways to deal with items that would go into the rubbish bin.  One such way is to reuse them before tossing them to go to the recycle center.  But I know what you are thinking, what can I reuse my trash to do?  Isn’t it just rubbish and no longer useful, that’s why I was going to toss it out anyway?  With just a bit of thought and imagination you can reuse all sorts of things around the home.

Packing peanutsThe first thing to think about reusing is all that packing material that comes in boxes from various companies.  Packing peanuts normally will just get tossed out, but what if they didn’t.  Do you have some space to store a bag of them for a while?  Next time you are sending something that you are worried might get damaged you’ll have a free supply of packing material.

Second on our list of items to reuse is your old clothing.  Just because an item is too small or has a few holes is no reason to toss it out.  Sure you might not want to wear it anymore, but you can use it for other projects.  Why not turn it into a pillow cover or a teapot cozy.  If you are ambitious you could make a quilt out of old t-shirts.

toothpaste tubesFor the next item on our list is toothpaste tubes.  Yup, that empty tube can be more than filler for the rubbish bin.  Grab some scissors and cut the crimped end off then rinse it with hot soapy water.  Let it dry and you can use it as a blade protector for your knives or fill it with frosting and use it as a cake decorator.

old keyboardThe fourth reusable item that we will feature is your old keyboard.  Why not grow something in it?  Yup, make your old keyboard a planter.  You will want to pop off the keys, add a little bit of paper and soil then sprinkle in some seeds.  Your sprouts will pop up and you’ll have a unique planter.

empty jarsFinally you can reuse empty jars from food.  Once you clean them out you can store all sorts of things in them.  Left over foods, bobby pins, nails, you name it.  Plus since they tend to be clear you can easily see what treasures they hold without having to open it up.