How to become more eco friendly person

eco-friendlySometimes people feel that pull to be take better care of the planet.  It is fairly easy in this day in age.  You notice something growing and feel that pull deep down to help it grow.  However being eco-friendly can be rather frightening when you first look at it.  Some people go to extremes to help the planet.  There are examples of it to be found, people that will only eat what grows close to their house, others that only make their own clothing. While that certainly is an option, it is definitely not a requirement.  You can take some easy steps to follow down the road to being more eco-friendly. Continue reading

5 Things you didn’t know you can do with commonly thrown away items

thrown away itemRecycling is a great system and is definitely something that you should support.  But there are other ways to deal with items that would go into the rubbish bin.  One such way is to reuse them before tossing them to go to the recycle center.  But I know what you are thinking, what can I reuse my trash to do?  Isn’t it just rubbish and no longer useful, that’s why I was going to toss it out anyway?  With just a bit of thought and imagination you can reuse all sorts of things around the home. Continue reading

Creatively recycling your old clothes

recycle-t-shirtsLet’s say you have some clothes that you love.  Clearly they are the ones that you will want to wear most.  But then they also wear out.  Sure you could just throw them out, but what if there were something else that you could do to keep them around.  I’ve got a few ideas that can help you recycle your old clothes in to fun new items. Continue reading


We are always looking to help in the reduce, reuse,
recycle cycle.  We encourage others to do so as well.  To reward you (and your young ones)  for not throwing your old crayons into the trash, we will send you some of our ‘riters in exchange for every pound you donate
(a pound is approximately 100 crayons).

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